Shamanic Sound Healing

Gran Canaria

Singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, rattles, tuning forks, drums and more ancient healing tones.

This Shamanic Sound Healing recalibrates your rhythm into the right frequency.

sound healing

In this Sounds healing you experience the power of natural frequency and rhythm healing. 

That Sound has a healing power the wise people of ancient times already knew. It was applied and used alongside natural remedies to heal disturbances in the mind and body.

Sound was applied in many therapies and creations for:

  • healing
  • creation
  • ceremonies and rituals to exorcise evil and celebrate life.
  • to get in touch with a deeper layer of the soul and spirit

Research has shown that “sounds healing over time reduces stress and trauma.

What you achieve:

  • alignment in your own rhythm
  • Awareness and importance of alignment with your own frequency
  • more in peace 
  • reconnection of yourself

Accommodation: Gran Canaria, we will help you find the right accommodation

Group size: maximum of 8 participants

Cost: day price ( 10.00 – 16.00 ) person-oriented from € 199.00 p.p.p.d. incl. light meal.

Weekend from Friday to Sunday.
€ 299.00 p.p.p.d. incl. cave overnight stays and light vegetarian meals. Based on an occupancy of 8 participants.

Weekends are private and person-centered

Optional costs: transfer, extra night, shamanic session, insurances.

Additional creative sessions to be booked:

  • Learn to make Mandalas
  • Create your own Orion
  • Wood carving art
  • make your own shaman drum
  • dreamcatcher
  • sacred plant ceremony
  • Cacao ceremonies

Where: Gran Canaria

If you are interested in such a retreat with your own group of up to 6 people, contact us and inquire about the possibilities. We speak Dutch, German, English and Spanish

Learn to freely express yourself

Voice Healing

Free expression and learning to sing out liberates layers where the voice was not allowed to be expressed. The liberation of your voice is healing and can help you increase your energy level. Singing and expressing yourself freely, singing out and out loud gives space to stored emotions for more balance and relaxation. It helps to expand your vision.


Sound healing is effective in healing emotional trauma using vibrations and frequencies.

Included in price:

  • multi-day: shared overnight location,
  • shamanic ceremony,
  • sound healing sessions,
  • full moon/elemental ceremonies,
  • vegetarian and organic meals,
  • guided meditations,
  • Gathering circle.

Additional to be booked:

  • individual reset session € 55, – package price one hour,
  • workshop materials; shaman drum,
  • insurance,
  • duo or individual sleeping place

Meet Your Guides


David Nieto

David brings you in contact with yourself and the connection of the Earth with his primal sounds. Like no other he knows how to strike the right chord and take you on an intensive inner shamanic journey. In his modesty he brings respect and has a pure intention for the Earth and all her inhabitants. 


Ana Alonso

Ana helps you with voice intonations, affirmations and chakra sound healing to learn to express yourself in the right rhythm. Her power lies in sounds, tones, creations and attunement in higher frequencies. She teaches you how to use your voice in the right way.

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We speak Dutch, German, English and Spanish

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